Tasty Deliciousness and Failed Abominations

I love desserts and I love baking desserts!  A number of my friends have various food allergies, so over the years I’ve tweaked recipes to avoid gluten, soy, corn, legumes, sulfites, tree nuts, and more.  Sometimes this goes well, and the dessert both looks and tastes like a reasonable approximation of the normal version.  (One friend calls this “tasty deliciousness.”)  Other times the dessert falls apart or looks funny but still tastes good.  (The same friend calls this a “failed abomination” – before he devours it anyway.)  And of course, sometimes the poor dessert neither looks nor tastes good, but I won’t bother posting those recipes!

Anyway, here is a collection of recipes for both “tasty deliciousness” and “failed abominations” for your enjoyment!